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Restorative and Therapeutic Massage for Equine Athletes

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Michelle Abren Equine Massage works with all equine athletes, from those currently competing at the top of their discipline to the retired ponies and hard working lesson horses. Please contact Michelle for info on pricing and packages available.

Each massage session is approximately 40-60 minutes depending on the horse’s needs and acceptance of bodywork. Reading the horse’s body language and understanding their acceptance of bodywork, both physically and mentally, promotes trust and relaxation. Each session is followed up with detailed notes highlighting findings and includes an evaluation of the horse’s condition at that time of massage.

Relaxation Equine Massage Therapy
Sports Equine Massage Therapy
Rehabilitation Equine Massage Therapy


Equine Massage Benefits

The benefits of massage are immeasurable. Michelle takes a restorative and therapeutic approach to her work.


Reduced muscle restriction and tightness


Decreases stress


Increased range of motion and flexibility


Builds trust


Restores natural ease of movement

About Michelle

Michelle Abren Equine Massage specializes in restorative and therapeutic massage for our equine athletes. Michelle works with owners, trainers, vets, farriers, and other bodywork specialists to help keep our horses comfortable, sound, and working at their best physical ability. At Michelle Abren Equine Massage, the focus remains solely on the horse’s comfort, well-being, and safety.

Michelle is a graduate of the highly respected Bancroft School of Massage Equine program. Her studies have led to certification, including 200 hours of class work focusing on equine anatomy and physiology, technique, gait analysis, saddle fitting, case studies, and internships.

Michelle has been an active equestrian for 30+ years. She has ridden, taught, coached, and worked as a barn manager for top-ranking Grand Prix riders and competitive hunter-jumper barns. In 2020, Michelle became a USEF C1 Steward and stewards all around the country.

She studied Equine Industries at UMass Amherst Stockbridge School and competitively rode on the UMass IHSA team. In 2021, Michelle graduated and became certified in equine massage through Bancroft School of Equine Massage. Massage therapy was an obvious and natural step in Michelle’s career.

Michelle is willing and able to travel to clients during horse shows or when horses change boarding locations. In addition, Michelle works as a team member with her clients and other equine practitioners to ensure their horse is happy, healthy, and physically comfortable.

Michelle Abren


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Michelle works with all types of equine athletes, from those currently competing at the top of their discipline to the retired ponies and our hard working lesson horses. No matter the horse’s stage of life, she has the skills and knowledge to keep them healthy and in their best physical condition.

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